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Contemporary ATT Horizontal Shower System


ATT Horizontal Shower System Includes: 6-Waterbar Side Showers, Handshower Set, 7-eValve Electronic Valves for Temperature & Volume, 1-eTool Electronic Control Panel w/ 4-Buttons and Concealed Rough Parts Flow Pressure Min. 2.5 Bar Max. 4 Bar Polished Chrome

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Plated Brass, Brass
Polished Chrome or Platinum Matte

Horizontal Shower.
6-Waterbar Side Showers W/ Descaling System.
1-Handshower W/ Bracket, Descaling System, & 1/2 inch Wall Elbow W/ Back Flow Preventer.
3/8 inchť Outlet.
Cover Plates: 240 x 60 millimeters.
7-eValve Electronic Valves For Regulating Water Temp & Volume.
Diagnostic & Update Capability & Anti-scald Protection.
1-eTool Electronic Operating Panel W/ 4-Buttons, 240 x 120 millimeters.
Controls Waterbars, Hose Shower Fitting, Scenarios, & Temp/Volume.
Operating System: Microsoft Windows CE 6.0.
Flow Pressure: Min.
2.5 Bar Max.
4 Bar.
Power Supply: 100-240V AC / 12V DC, 50-60 Hz, 60watt.
7-eValve Preassembly Kits w/: 6- For Waterbars, 1-for Handshower Set W/ 1/2 inch Hot/Cod Inlets & Outlets.
1-eTool Wall Installation Box.
Rough Requirements: 151millimeters.
Mud Guard W/ Waterproofing Membrane.
Ethernet Cable 25 meters And Plug.
2-eSwitches W/ 8-ports For Connecting Max 7-eValves/ eTools & 1-service Port.
3-xGrid Mounting Rails Includes: 1- Installation Track 750 x 135 x 12millimeters, 2-Mounting Rails 990 x 135 x 12 millimeters Each, And 1 Connection Set