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Contemporary George Freestanding Bathtub


George Freestanding Bathtub No Tap Hole in Ceramilux Glossy White w/ Burned Walnut Wood Veneer & Stainless Steel Titanium Trim

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180 x 110 x 51.5 centimeters
Solid Surface, Wood & Veneer, Ceramilux, Metal, Wood
Glossy or Matte
Interior: White. Exterior: White, Grey, Ebony, Burned Walnut, Canaletto Walnut, Oak, Grey Oak, Brushed Natural Oak, Sand Oak, Bleached Oak, Wenge, or Brushed Silver Wenge. Trim: Stainless Steel Titanium, Glossy Copper, or Brushed Copper

With or Without Tap Holes.
180 x 110 x 51.5 centimeters