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Contemporary Seaside Freestanding Hydrospa


Seaside Freestanding Hydro Spa w/ Electric Heater 5500w, 4-Roto Jets, 14-Stream Jets, 4-Directional Stream Jets & 4-Roto Stream Jets Includes: Ozone Generator, Control Panel, Insulating Cover, Cromoexperience, & Perimeter Mood Lighting 86-5/8 x 78-3/4 x 30-7/16 inches in White w/ Powder Pink Paneling & Hatch Covered in Beige Damask

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86-5/8 x 78-3/4 x 30-7/16 inches ť
Acrylic, 100% Synthetic ABS, Laminate, Polyurethane Foam, Fabric
Tub: White, Crystal Grey, Midnight Opal, Blue Marble or Silver White. Cover: Ice White, Dark Brown, or Cloud Grey. Cushions: Beige Damask, Dove Grey, or Marron Glace. Panelling: Powder Pink, Mocha, Grey, Mahogany, or Dark Brown

Electric Heater 5500W.
4- Roto Jets.
14- Stream Jets.
4- Directional Stream Jets.
4- Roto Stream Jets.
Ozone Generator.
Cartridge Filler with Double Skimmer.
Control Panel.
Cromoexperience Function (underwater Light).
Compact Nest Load Bearing Frame.
Protective Insulating Cover.
Perimeter Mood Lighting (moonlight).
Water Capacity 290gal.
86-5/8 x 78-3/4 x 30-7/16