Devon & Devon

Classically authentic, elegant and timeless pieces that conform to today’s needs for comfort and functionality.

The Galley

Boasting a design and functionality unparalleled in the marketplace, your kitchen and lifestyle become reinvented.


Italian design and "wellbeing" come together to bring a feeling of relaxation, cleanliness and easier breathing from enjoying a Turkish bath or sauna in the intimacy of one's...

Hydrology is home to the world’s most exclusive, high-end collections of pure, original and authentic products that can be found nowhere else. 


Products which are the result of sartorial care but with the latest material-processing technology and production methods created while respecting the world we live in....


Untiring creativity, a propensity for new ideas, painstaking design, ergonomic appeal and choice materials: these are the inspiring principles of Teuco.


A conscious, holistic approach to design, offering a considered choice of quality products for life, not just for fashion. 


Explicit rigor and eloquent simplicity combine with formal elegance to give meaning and value to the bathroom space. 


Extraordinary creativity and experimentation in the field of marble processing results in an unexplored dimension of the marble item, exalting its sensual and secret soul.

Vero Stone

Translating the beauty of Italian stone and design from artisans in the Tuscan territory to modern American applications.


Designed and manufactured on Lake D’Orta in Italy, design and technology proceed together as inseparable elements of creation targeted to seek perfection.


Pure and elegant lines for a modern design, voluptuous curves and delicate shapes.